URGENT CARE: Stuck in that Awkward Stage between Birth and Death

A Retrospective by Thomas Skomski

June 22, 2019 to September 29, 2019

This exhibition presents a 50-year survey celebrating the career of Thomas Skomski, one of Illinois’s finest sculptors. Springfield-area residents will know his work from the large public sculpture on the grounds of the University of Illinois Springfield campus that looks like a giant broken column called Impermanent Column.

Thomas Skomski’s art honors life’s struggles; it reflects our times, it examines the processes of change and the inevitable outcome of decay and aging. From his earliest wood carvings, woodcuts and drawings of the 1970s to the cages, light boxes, water bottles, light manipulations and photographic images of the ‘80s and ‘90s up through his most recent works, Skomski’s fertile investigations into the human condition create art rich with ambiguities, analogies, and metaphors open to multiple interpretations. It’s art that mourns the losses and celebrates the precious and precarious nature of being alive.

His entire oeuvre is a meditation on what it is to be ‘stuck in that awkward space between birth and death.’

Co-curated by Robert Sill, Douglas Stapleton and Edward Maldonado.


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